Buyers Guide

Free vs Paid

  • inline duties mode
  • rename headings
  • more staff

day view

  • show staff names
  • staff hours
  • more shifts
  • extended repeats

week view

  • change week start day
  • show staff initials
  • more groups

month view

track staff availability Yes Yes
prevent double bookings Yes Yes
night shifts Yes Yes
weekly shift patterns Yes Yes
repeat schedule Yes Yes
shift counts Yes Yes
staff hours - Yes
staff costs - Yes
Day View
show staff names Yes Yes
assign staff / duties Yes Yes
Week View
show duty counts Yes Yes
show staff names - Yes
show staff initials - Yes
assign staff / duties - Yes
Month View
show shift counts Yes Yes
show staff initials - Yes
email schedule to staff - Yes
printing (6 layouts) - Yes
database import/export - Yes
maximum groups 2 20
per group shifts 15 20
per group shifts per day 5 6
per group duties 8 12
per group staff 12 25
maximum shifts 30 400
maximum shifts per day 10 120
maximum duties 16 240
maximum staff 24 500
extended repeats - Yes
change week start day - Yes
name groups - Yes
rename headings - Yes
choose duty colors - Yes
inline duties mode - Yes
wage adjustments - Yes
dark mode theme - Yes
bigger pixie - Yes
Price Free $20

Buyers Questions

Is there a version for iPhone or Android Tablet or desktop?

Shifty has been developed to take advantage of the iPad only.

Will it work for my business?

Find out by trying the free version, check the manual and watch the instructional videos.

Is it in my language?

Shifty includes 50 languages.

What about other uses?

As well as small businesses, Shifty saves time for non-profit organisations and individuals.

Is Shifty easy to learn?

Shifty is designed to make schedules incredibly fast. Such emphasise on efficiency means some areas of Shifty are not easy to learn, for example using multiple groups is conceptually difficult.
Stick with it and check the documentation and you will be on your way to scheduling bliss.

How should I use groups?

It varies business to business. Groups can used in all sorts of ways to divide up complex schedules and make them manageable and quick to edit on the iPad's screen. Maybe a group for storing shifts patterns (that are only used occasionally) and another for tracking of staff availability. Experiment!

What are the main advantages of the full version?

The free version is a capable app but the full version has 10x the number of groups, different ways to share schedules with staff, and lots of options to build highly complex schedules.

Is there a refund policy?

Apple handles all payments and refunds on the App Store. So you can request a refund from Apple. They will likely give you a refund but they don't have to! So try the free version risk-free instead.

What is the data policy?

As it should be. The schedules you make belong to you. You always have access to your data, which is kept on your iPad (not on a 3rd party server). And if you ever needed to, it would be possible to export your data to use with other software because the data is in an open format (SQL).

Is Shifty ever on sale?

Since launching in 2010 Shifty has never been on sale. The price actually increases incrementally as new features are added. So there's never a better time to buy!

What about other scheduling software?

There are lots of web-based solutions. Some charge $25 per month, but there are plans over $1000 or even over $5000 per year! By comparison Shifty offers staggering value without subscription.

Where do I buy?

From the App Store.