Privacy Policy

1st October 2020

Your privacy is your own.
Isn't that refreshing.


1) This website does not use cookies or any 3rd party tracking software such as Google Analytics. 2) This website has SSL to keep your connection private, this is a good thing, it is typically shown as a padlock in the browser address bar.


3) The apps (Shifty and Shifty Jr) do not share any of the schedule data you enter with the developer or any 3rd parties. 4) The apps do not access your gps, microphone, camera, photo library, or address book, and can't access data stored by other apps. 5) Only if you use the import feature is clipboard access needed. The clipboard is then checked to see if it contains a valid database. This check happens locally and in memory only - this keeps your clipboard data protected. 6) The apps can connect to this website to get updated language translation files and news announcements, 3 pieces of information are sent, a version number (e.g. "3.0"), the app edition (e.g. "jr") and the language needed (e.g. "fr" for French).


7) Your data can be backed up to Apple's iCloud, you can check Apple's privacy policy but to my knowledge this is securely stored and is not accessible by Apple's employees. 8) Apple shares with the developer the number of "sessions" an app has been used. This contains no person identifiable information and is only for Apple users who have opted in. Further details about this can be found on Apple's website.


9) Schedule emails sent to staff are addressed by default using BCC, this is privacy best practice. 10) If you contact the developer by email - your email address is not given or sold to any 3rd parties, and your email address is not added to any mailing list.

And that's the privacy policy :)